Administrators categorizing members in ArcGIS Online

09-01-2015 10:43 AM
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Can ArcGIS Online administrators ‘categorize’ their organization members in folders or tabs in the My Organization page? I’m about to add ~50 citizen scientists to our organization and it would be awesome if I could compartmentalize them instead of having all of their names interspersed with our regular employees; these two types of members require varied levels of attention from an ArcGIS Online Administrator.

As a workaround, i'm creating a special role so I can sort the volunteers more easily, but being able to flag folks based on their status within the organization, not just by roles or within groups, would be useful.

Similarly, it would also be helpful if you could view more than 10 members at a time on the My Organization page.
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In Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online (Pro)& Portal you can "Add Tags" to Members/Users just like you can with Items. This will allow you to create categories of different members that can be managed by groups/categories later with other tools. This would also give you the option of applying a categorization without using roles.

Also, you can view and manage more than 10 members at a time as well as Email them using your own SMTP server, etc.

Here is a link to the tools and functionality matrix -

Hope this helps you.