Additional formatting in Open Data Site Builder

04-10-2018 01:28 PM
Status: Open
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Add more formatting options for the hub for text in pre-set objects such as the Category Settings for to overwrite settings set up in the Theme Builder such as the Body Link Color. When you add different backgrounds you need to have more flexibility over colours. Even a light and dark option would be helpful so you can put the same type of objects on both light and dark backgrounds.

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This is a much needed capability. We are having problems with getting good text visibility against our base image on the Open Data landing page, simultaneously with the actual data listing on the data category pages without selecting a dark background theme color for those latter pages. While we're currently using that dark background theme color, we've had comments about how bad it looks, but the other solution is to compromise a great Data for Download category appearance that we'd like to keep as our main look.