Adding finger prints capability(similar to a signature) Survey123

11-29-2017 12:37 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

In many of our surveys people are often unable to read or write.  On the paper form version we would use an ink pad and fingerprint instead of a signature. I would like the ability to collect fingerprints; at the moment the best method with this application is to take a picture of the ink fingerprint.   


Hi Jean Yves,

In terms of scanning equipment, are you referring to the built-in fingerprint sensor of a device (mobile phone) or a dedicated scanning device connected to the phone/computer running Survey123?  If the former, most devices don't allow for programs to access the fingerprint itself- just verify that the fingerprint presented has been registered as the 'user' of the device.


Indeed, It would have to be a dedicated scanning device. Like you mentioned the finger print scanner on most, if not all, devices is not made to be used that way, at least I didn't find anything yet. 

  • @JamesTedrick can we collect the fingerprints with survey123, using a dedicated fingerprint device?