Add URL filter parameters for layers in webapps/webmaps

06-15-2016 11:35 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

I would like to have the possibilty to filter layer(s) in a webapp or webmap with url-parameters like a definition query in Arcgis Desktop. 


Our application would involve using the embed template to be able to something like this:

The intent would be to place the embed template on a webpage displaying features matching the filter and extent set to that filter.

by Anonymous User

This would enable us to share a link to a site and someone can "see" what I see, on my screen. Very useful. Very powerful. I love the Share widget and use it for a similar use; to Share and it appends the Query of a Property PIN or Property Address for example. So users can share a link to a property to email themselves it and it zooms that map to it.  However, this would take it one step further, to allow users to share a Filter (query) of a layer; so basically appending the Filter widget SQL to the URL. I suggested URL parameters more generally at the Dev Conf as a way for widgets to communicate to each other their state and the overall state of the app.  As a casual user at home of Google Maps and Gmail I appreciate often, how Google's applications leverage the URL effectively. But the biggest thing to communicate in Share widget would be to Share the Filter widget's state.  For example you could 'share' a link to our property site, perhaps filtering to show only city-owned property. Or only property zoned R-1 or in a particular zip code, etc. Infinite uses.


This would save a lot of ridiculous duplication of online layer, maps and apps.  At present, we have a web page devoted to each feature in a particular feature class (and it's related features in other feature classes) and the web page includes a web map, which has a separate hosted feature layer group for each map, and a separate app for each map.  The only difference between them is which features are included (and the default extent).

Ideally, the same hosted feature layer, map and app could be used to service all of these dozens of web pages, just by using a different link to embed them on each web page.  The link URL should be able to include details of how to filter the layers.