Add time restrictions to better manage users on University Campuses

03-29-2018 06:52 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

As administrators of a University campus, we would like that ArcGIS online offer a way for administrators to better manage our users by using a time restrictions as is done in MyEsri for the training courses. Currently, we have to remove users from our organization who are no longer students by manually removing them individually. This can be time-consuming. We propose that a tool or feature be added that would allow administrators to allow a specified user to be part of the organization for specified-period of time, after which they would become inactive. Users could have their status changed back to active if they contact the organization and prove that they are still an active student at that University or College. 


Agreed! This is much-needed functionality for academic institutions to manage their highly dynamic membership.


I think this feature would be useful in other organisations as well. One addition would be that a notification should be sent out to the user when the account is being inactivated so they can contact the administrator if access is still required.


We would like to grant access for researchers for a specific period of time so this would also absolutely help us instead of deactivating them manually after a certain time.