Add the elevation profile in the window attribut from the type "ligne" of the web feature class

08-25-2017 03:13 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

In AGOL, in the webMap and in the WebAppBuilder it would be interesting to add the possibility to add the elevation profil for the type "ligne" of the web feature service in the window attribut or with a optional defaut tool use by many customizable webApp available in AGOL.

It could be also interesting that this elevation profil tool would be included in the webAppBuilder default custom tools which show the result at the bottom of the screen of the webMap. In this custom tool the feature(s) used by the elevation profil would be configured.

This functionality woud be available in addition to the default option tools existing (Basemap Gallery, Legend, Bookmarks, etc.).

Clicking on a ligne feature, the elevation profil will be automatically updated.

What do you think about it ?