Add the ability to host customized web applications on ArcGIS Online

10-04-2012 10:50 PM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
Not applicable

At present you can create a web application on ArcGIS Online using one of the templates provided. Some of these have the capability to tweak the look and feel of them. They also have the capability to download the template and tweak the code to further configure the web app but you then have to host this on your own web server (even though all of the data may be coming from ArcGIS Online).

It would be great for those organisations that don't have their own webserver but want a more customized web app if they could host these alongside their data in their ArcGIS Online for Organisations Subscription account.

Very necessary, essential to not need another supplier
by Anonymous User
I agree and would like to be able to add a custom web app to Portal.  Reference ESRI Case #01613828.  Thank You.  Allison
Yes, this would be beneficial

Upvoting - Need this for 3rd party integrations.