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Add support for macrons (e.g. Māori language)

09-26-2019 09:17 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

The Māori language uses macrons above vowels to lengthen them, as part of New Zealand's bicultural foundations it is appropriate to insert macrons into maps, services etc. in order to correctly display names.  Currently ArcGIS does not support macrons, so we request that this be changed in order to be able to make our map and data outputs culturally appropriate.

Request courtesy of Hurunui District Council and Kaikōura District Council, Canterbury, NZ


This more broadly applied would be of great help for my organisation too as we have use Indigenous Australian languages in all our data sets. We have special characters in place names like Muṯitjulu. 

Could special characters be supported in definition queries too. Currently this functionality is not supported.

arcgis-pro-2.4‌ definition-query #special characters


A workaround is to type the Māori into Word and copy and paste, but onboard support would be cool!


Have tried this into a layout in Pro with no success, but I think there's something wider needed like a Māori language pack or toggle for special characters.  I don't know exactly how it works but it would be good.  A lot of our outputs and titling are data-driven pages/map series/apps so it needs to be programmatically supported across the desktop, enterprise and online suite for apps.