Add sql to webmap filter

08-01-2018 07:15 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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Add SQL to the webmap Filter. Allow us to populate a Date field with TodaysDate.

For example, if you create a point layer of 'Project Points' to be reviewed. Let's say they have an Expiration Date. You'd want to only display the points IF  Expiration Date is After TodaysDate  where TodaysDate would auto-populate by the date of today.  (We want to allow our administrative staff to add project points to a mini embedded map on a regulatory site, and they will drop off if they expire so they don't have to manually hide them by changing a status field or something)


While there is a related thread on this for the WAB widget, having it in a webmap that can be used in multiple apps, including ones that are not WAB would be even more broadly useful.

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