Add restricted data section to service settings on ArcGIS Online and Portal

07-10-2020 01:41 PM
Status: Open
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This idea is to add the ability to add a section to the service settings for ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS. This section would be in addition to, and function like, the Content Status option in the General group in settings. The new section would enable the data manager to flag the resource (feature layer, map, table, etc.) as either restricted, if they are the resource source and it meets their requirements for restricting where data can be distributed, or proprietary, if they are providing licensed data to users for their analysis and mapping work.

The restricted/proprietary flag would appear similarly to the Authoritative/Deprecated flag that can already be enabled in resource settings. The would give immediate notice that general distribution rules for an organization do not apply and users need to read through the metadata to determine how, or if, the data can be distributed beyond those who have access to the data, either internal or external.

My use case is that I work for a land use planning agency that utilizes both ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS to serve data to users in several departments, though this would be true for any public agency that has a mix of shareable and proprietary or/and restricted data. We license proprietary base data from a private sector data provider, but also need to respond to, and fulfill when appropriate, public requests for data used in our work. As requests can usually be made to any number of users in a public agency, it would be helpful to have a prominent flag that would let general users know they are not allowed to distribute data without evaluation and authorization from agency data managers. In addition, I can also see a use case for these flags in the private sector.

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We are also interested in a functionality like this.  Our organization handles a mix of public and private data, and we share one Enterprise portal and one ArcGIS Online portal among multiple departments.  Functionality like this would really help with quickly and visibly marking data that needs to not be shared publicly.  It would also make it much easier to keep track of how many access restricted layers are in the portal since we do get asked that for audits periodically.  Bonus points if this "Restricted" flag could also prevent the layer from being shared as "Public" like the "Authoritative" flag automatically checks the box for delete protection.