Add projects view and Markdown files to AGOL/Enterprise

03-05-2019 07:23 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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So when I am working on all of these projects I think that it would be helpful if AGOL was structured more like Github, but instead of hosting the files in the folder it just organizes it on the backend and you are able to see that these are the files that are linked up to the project. As soon as a file gets added to a map they are then linked to the project folder. I think that is what you are trying to accomplish with the web map objects in the folder, but it seems clunky and confusing as they all kind of seem to resemble feature layers or hosted views. 

This would also be helpful as some of these projects undoubtedly are going to require documentation and it would be great if that could be MARKDOWN files on the project page that could be edited within the browser. 

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