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Add possibility to change language of the basemap in ArcGIS Vector Tile Style Editor

06-17-2020 06:56 AM
Status: Open
Esri Contributor


It would be great if ArcGIS Vector Tile Style Editor would have functionality not only to edit colors, icons, patterns and fonts, but also to change the language of the vector basemap (if translation is available of course).

Currently, if I want to change labels in the basemap from English to Czech, I need to download the style JSON file and edit it manually. I believe it is not that complicated to add such functionality to the ArcGIS Vector Tile Style Editor application, as what this app does, is actually editing the JSON file.

Such functionality would help users to make maps more comprehensible and target them to broader audience, also from nonEnglish speaking countries.

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This would be a great enhancement for the users.