add Ortho mode, and snapping to JS API Measure, and Edit widget

01-17-2020 11:33 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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Add an Orthogonal mode to the JS API and AGOL measure widget.   And add snapping; with programmer and/or user-specified layers to snap to.  Make both these features accessible by key combo and/or also by graphical user interface (might be more discoverable; but may be nicer to tuck away via key combo for pro apps for power users)  I also suggest adding these both to the Editing widget.  Would like this in 3.x (because we use WAB 2D) but I would imagine it would probably only make it to the 4.x.

Ortho mode in measurement was actually one thing I liked in AutoCad that seems to just work easily and nicely.

Jianxia Song Here is my user story example - I wanted to measure a 30-foot easement off a property line at a few spots. I would like to measure a straight line at 90 degrees at a few spots, and of course starting at the property line (snapped to). Currently is "eyeballed", which is not optimal.

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