Add option to download exported item immediately

09-29-2017 10:30 AM
Status: Open
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Currently, when you Export a Portal Item using the Export Data button on a Portal Item's Details Page, a modal dialog is raised where you enter all of the metadata for the exported item that will be generated. When you click export, portal creates the item and then takes you to that item's details page so that you can download it.

Please add a checkbox to the Modal Dialog to automatically start the download as soon as the item is generated so that I don't have to click download.

Also, include an option to not generate a portal item. Maybe I just want to export and download the item, but don't necessarily want to keep a copy of the exported item it in my Portal Content. In that case, Portal could create the item, automatically start the download and then delete the item after the download has completed.

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I want to add to this as being an issue in ArcGIS Online as well.  The ArcGIS Online Open Data site allows Download of data as a direct stream.  The majority of internet sites, when you make a request to download a file, will direct stream the download to be saved as a file.  For the sake of consistency the default behavior should be automatic download of the file.  The non-default behavior, and this should be the selection, is a check box to create the object as content in the ArcGIS Online or Portal site.

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when i want to export, it's for get the item in my desktop, not to store it in AGOL. If we could export/download in one step, without create a file to be delete in AGOL, it would be great



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