Add option for Interactive Legend feature counts to remain visible

02-16-2022 01:09 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

In the Interactive Legend Instant App, we can opt to show feature counts next to each symbol category showing the number of features in the current view extent. However, when the user clicks on a category to highlight it on the map, the feature counts for all the other categories disappear. Clicking on an individual category restores its feature count, but for layers with large numbers of categories, it would be useful to always be able to always see the feature counts so that we know which categories are worth clicking on at the current view extent. Perhaps they could be grayed out when not highlighted, but remain visible.

Example: Here's what my Interactive Legend widget looks like with "Show all" selected:


You can see that there are no features for many categories in my current view extent. If I click on one of the categories to highlight its features, I can no longer see the other feature counts (see screenshot below) and then don't remember which other categories to look at. I have to scroll back to the top of the list to click "Show all" to restore the feature counts, then scroll back down to where I was to click on the next category with features in the current extent.


Another solution would be to add a configuration option to only show categories with features in the current extent. That would be great too!