Add More Widgets to the New Home Page Editor

10-19-2020 09:39 AM
Status: Open
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I assume the reason Esri switched to the new home page editor was to make it easy to create a home page and to ensure that all home pages are responsive. Which makes some sense. However, the existing editor is so limiting, it's difficult to create something that's really functional for our users or helpful to the public. Why do we have to use a gallery as a workaround to add buttons? It's difficult to create anything close to what we were able to create when we could adjust the HTML & CSS. I'm not suggesting Esri goes back to that. That seems problematic as well. My suggestion is to add more widgets to the editor: a button widget, a column & row widgets, a photo widget, a card widget, a carousel widget, a more customizable header widget, etc. And let us add links in the existing text block widget and choose our own colors. It doesn't have to be as robust as the Experience Builder. Create something like a pared-down Hub site builder, or the new Story Maps builder, but tailored it for a home page. Limit the widgets and customizability to allow for responsive design. That's what most of the new app builders do. But give us more flexibility to meet agency branding standards and the needs of our users. 


I agree 100%. 

by Anonymous User

I agree with you, Greg. I want to second the sentiment that we shouldn't have to use the gallery workaround just to add buttons to the home page that aren't just plain text links. 

For those of us that have customized our home pages using HTML & CSS, this new editor represents a step back rather than a step forward. That being said, I think the new editor is headed in the right direction and will allow more organizations to create custom home pages without the need to use HTML & CSS.

I would just request that Esri doesn't force us to use the new home page configuration until it is has more functionality, especially since our home page is the face of our ArcGIS Online organization and any change to it will require change management for our users.


Agree. There's much less flexibility in the new template compared to the HTML/CSS customization. We have a pink logo and the black or white text (not to mention the font that don't match at all) just looks ugly next to it. I could also position the logo/text just where it fitted (in a lighter spot on our background image), but it's not possible anymore. 

Also, I don't like the fact that you now have to scroll down to see the gallery (even if there's no text above it).

Everything used to fit neatly in one screen, I don't the added value of spreading things so much (and I already hear users asking where the gallery's gone). 

I hope the former home page won't retire as fast as Esri mentions (this year), because it's really a downgrade.


I agree. I would also like to see more font choices at least, and the ability to add some rich text capabilities and perhaps html source editing.