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Add more fonts to new ArcGIS Online Home Page Editor

02-09-2022 01:09 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

I would like to see more font choices listed in the Page Settings > Design > Typography section of the new ArcGIS Online Home Page Editor. Perhaps there could even be suggested pairings, so if you want to mix and match a title and body font we could select from such a list. Doesn't have to be too extensive, just some more type families so that not all ArcGIS Online home pages look like they fell out of the same template.


Not trying to be condescending but I really don't see a need for more fonts.

The 11 that are there are there for a reason. The more variables you add to a web page the less efficient it will be. 

The pre-selected fonts are native to the application and are browser friendly.

Our GIS team has authored hundreds of pages an not a single user has made a comment about fonts. 


I too would like to see additional fonts.  Whilst I recognise the 11 presets are a good start our corporate standard (Source Sans Pro) isn't there.  We have complete flexibility in the use of colour so it seems strange to limit the choice of font.

We are unlikely to get much feedback from users on the choice of font but our Digital Experience folks will have plenty to say about GIS being lone wolves if we can't align to standards.