Add missing web layer editing settings to dialogue when sharing/overwriting web layer from ArcGIS Pro

04-10-2019 10:04 AM
Status: Open
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When sharing or overwriting a web layer/hosted feature service from ArcGIS Pro to ArcGIS Online, you are given a few options for the editing settings of the feature service -- however they don't match the available settings you can find on the item details page for that service once it is up in ArcGIS Online. It would be convenient to have additional checkboxes and toggles in the dialogue window of the share/overwrite tool to match these (particularly the Editor Tracking settings!). I managed to do it through a script when overwriting a web layer from a Pro project using the ArcGIS Online API for Python, so it seems like the functionality is there. It would also help if the existing settings in Pro had their phrasing updated to match the settings in ArcGIS Online, to be as clear as possible for users.

ArcGIS Online feature service settings

ArcGIS Pro share/overwrite web layer settings

Also, (and maybe this should be it's own idea?) when sharing/overwriting a web layer from ArcGIS Pro, you have the option to designate the time zone of the data before sending it up as a service/overwriting. It would be amazing to have that setting available on the item details page in ArcGIS Online as well, so that existing hosted feature layers in AGO uploaded from a source other than Pro can have their time zone defined.

ArcGIS Pro share/overwrite time zone setting

Also also (getting nitpicky, but) it would be super helpful for some of our users to have the phrasing for the editor tracking settings on the ArcGIS Online item updated. Even just adding a "when" somewhere in the second setting would help users know that it's for tracking creation dates and edit dates, as opposed to keeping track of the user for the third setting. We get a lot of feedback with confusion over the two "Keep track of" options available.

Editor tracking wordage