Add feature and file storage to the credit usage report

09-30-2020 01:43 PM
Status: Open
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The new credit usage report is great for showing what users burned in terms of credits over a month or week. However, the report deployed in the Sep 2020 AGOL release does not include credit usage for feature storage, file storage, and tile storage.  These missing categories make up 98% of our org's credit usage, so it doesn't help us much with looking for accounts that are using the most of our credits.  

Also, I noticed that the date range at the top of the report is given in UNIX Epoch integer.  A date format that is both human readable and easy to parse with common BI date functions would be better, like ISO standard 8601.  So rather than Aug 1, 2020 UTC appearing as 1596240000, it would be 2020-08-01T00:00:00Z.  


Yes! I just tried out the new credit reports last month and was very disappointed to see that it did not include credit usage for feature storage, file storage, and tile storage (both vector and raster). These components definitely make up 98% of our organization's overall credit usage, so having them left out of the credit usage report minimizes the usefulness of the reports for us.


Very much agree and amazed that we can't easily see where vector credit consumption is vs file attachment.


Agree! As we are exploring ArcGIS Image, and have students running image analyses, we would like to more closely monitor file storage and tile storage size (feature storage size would also be nice). We can't pull that from the Organizational Credits report. However, it is available in the Organizational Items Credit report. Why can't a summary of each individual's credit consumption be summarized in the Organizational Credit Report?