Add Dimension Explorer functionality to ArcGIS Portal / Online, and/or Web AppBuilder

01-22-2016 12:04 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III
I recently came across the Dimension Explorer tool from the Applications Prototype Lab, and found it very helpful to navigate our time-enabled imagery and products in ArcMap:

Most importantly for us, this allows unevenly spaced data (eg, satellite images from scattered times, such as you find in Google Earth), to be easily navigated, even though there might be 3 years between two images at some times, and 3 days (or hours) at others. The built-in time-sliders in Portal/Online are very frustrating for end-users, when you have unevenly spaced data.

It would be extremely helpful to have this functionality available in the ArcGIS Portal/Online, and possibly also in Web App Builder if something along those lines is not already included (I dont have access to that now, but am working on it). This may also meet some of the other user requests in this forum for additional time-slider functionality.