Add Default Access Use, Constraints, Credits, and Tags to ArcGIS Online for Organizations

10-16-2012 07:34 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

Within the administration settings of ArcGIS Online there should be a section for setting the default Access Use, Constraints, Credits, and tags for the Organization.  The problem with the system now is that users have to copy and paste the use and contraints from other services into the one they are working on which is time-consuming and increases the View tally on each page they switch to.

The map credits can be carried over from the MXD Properties in 10.1 but there is no field for the Access Use and Constraints yet (  That would solve the problem for publishing the services to ArcGIS Online.  (Yes, the user has the option of filling that in at the time of publication but they'd have to copy and paste it at that time instead of storing it in the MXD.)  ArcGIS Online Users and Publishers that are creating maps in their organizations would benefit from having this bit of legalese filled in each time they created a web map/app.

As far as tags go, some organizations need to have the same ones repeated for the public to be able to search for them (City & County of Honolulu, USGS, NOAA, ESRI).  It would be nice to have these tags set as defaults for new maps/apps and data published from within the organizations ArcGIS Online account.

The defaults would also be beneficial in ArcMap.
I wouldn't mind being able to pick from a drop-down list of organization-wide Access and Use Constraints similar to the way that the EPA metadata editor (EME) tool lets you create then pick from a list.  Similarly for Tags, having defaults or being able to pick from an organization-wide list would promote consistency and uniformity in Tagging convention.  Great ideas!