Add Data Widget Symbology

12-11-2017 08:54 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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When a users adds multiple CSVs via the Add Data widget, allow the symbology to be changed or at least use different symbologies. The symbology will not persist for other users.

by Anonymous User

Jennifer, great idea. I agree. I've had users ask about this, too.  It would be useful to allow end users to modify symbology and labels. For uploaded data, and added services. For example of a service we have no control of like a federal agency's. I suppose the plumbing is there in the API/WAB/AGOL, if it is a featureLayer service that allows modifying symbology, just expose this to the end user through the layerList widget.  (I propose where the '...' is might be a logical place. Thoughts?)


Completely agree - I wish this functionality to change symbology existed under the ellipsis for all layers in the Layer List anyway, but since that isn't in the plan, it seems very short-sighted to not allow users to adjust or even pre-assign symbology of added data.