Add (.csv & .shp) layers from uploaded content on

09-27-2011 06:09 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III
Currently i have uploaded KML, CSV and Shapefile data to  However, the only file type from 'My Content' that i can add to the map via the 'Add Data' tool is the KML file.
I would like the ability to add my uploaded CSV and Shapefiles also.
The shapefiles and CSV files can only be loaded via a direct upload from my file system, but if i have already uploaded them - i would like myself and others to be able to add the data that is already online.
I couldn't agree more with this.  Just seems like a pretty obvious feature to have and it's confusing why it isn't already avaiable.  I found a very similar idea request at this link, too bad we can't combine the points.

I agree. One of the most frequent questions I receive from our Org members is why they can't import a shapefile into the Map Viewer that they had uploaded to their Contents. The function seems so obvious that they usually wonder why their account isn't configured correctly, or think that something is wrong with the shapefile. And for that matter, they should be able to import from other shapefiles shared with them. This is a content management system after all, and we don't want people to need to email shapefiles around.

A better practice is often to create and use a hosted feature service (rather than redundant data copied from the Shapefile into Map Viewer) but not all of our members have privs for creating hosted services, and if someone can import from a PC, they should be able to import from Contents also.