Add an option to retry a failed Sign In.

03-17-2019 11:16 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

The Sign In window really has two jobs, letting people in, and keeping them  out.  It’s effective but unhelpful at keeping them out, like a bouncer who only knows how to say “Show me some ID”.  “Are you open tonight? Is this the Copa? Can I use your bathroom?” “Uh... gotta show ID”.

The bouncer is particularly unaccommodating when you are trying to open a Story Map but have neglected to share one of its components.  He gives you no hint of what’s wrong, and is less than cooperative as you try to fix the problem. If you go back to your Story Map, fix the share problem, and return to your browser to test it, you have to re-copy and re-paste the map’s URL.  If you merely refresh the browser, which no longer has the original URL, you’ll get the same Sign In screen, whether you have succeeded in fixing your Story shares or not. (I won’t admit how long I went around in circles before I acquired that insight).

It would be more helpful if the Sign In screen had an option to resubmit a URL.

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