Add AGO Organization Name Parameter to URL

09-26-2016 08:47 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

We are using Cartegraph OMS with ArcGIS Online (AGO) and have found that every time a user logs into OMS, we have to first type our Org Name into the dialog (attached).  This is no bueno because field crews don't want to have to put down tools or remove gloves to type in our org name when they log in. 

The idea here is for ESRI to parameterize the org name so it can be passed in a URL from Cartegraph OMS, thus eliminating the need for this "enter your org name" dialog box.

For OMS users and Cartegraph, it would then be useful for the Org Name to be a configurable item within OMS, maintained by the organizational administrator.  I believe this is something that would be a tremendous benefit for all OMS and other AGO-authenticated users.