Add a "Access and Use Constraints" field to the ArcMap map document properties interface

12-31-2010 09:32 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

To facilitate publishing map service records to, it'd be useful if a new "Access and Use Constraints" field were added to ArcMap's map document properties interface.

Currently if I want to document any Access and Use Constraints for my map services and associated MXD's, I need to include them in the map document properties' "description" field.  This is OK until I want to publish any given map service on  After publishing a new map service to, I feel compelled to go in and manually edit the description so that the Access and Use Constraints from associated with my MXD appear in the correct field, rather than leave it blank.

If this idea were implemented, it may subsequently help to implement an idea submitted earlier that addresses synchronizing map service descriptions with their parent map services hosted by any given contributor.

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