Add a Fourth Option to "Who can see you profile" in the AGO Profile Edit page

04-22-2016 09:25 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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As a group admin, I get requests from people from various organizational accounts, many of whom wish to keep their profiles "hidden" (i.e. not public).  However, I need to see a person's info in order to determine if they can join our group. Also, members within our group need to see each other's information.

In the Profile Edit page, under the "Who can see your profile?" it would be great to have a fourth option that read "Group Members and Groups you are requesting to join".

This is an excellent idea oes_services!
by Anonymous User
Another idea is to make the "options" check boxes, so that users can choose to share with their Organization AND with Groups.
by Anonymous User


I have a few questions as I would like to get some more detail about your personal workflows and use cases where you would like to see more information in a user's profile:

What are you trying to accomplish with this group? Is your group private?

If it is private is this because the content needs to be safeguarded?

What is your current workflow when a user with a private profile requests to join your group?