Ability to turn fields on and off in ArcGIS Online

03-20-2013 11:03 AM
Status: Open
MVP Honored Contributor
It would be nice to have the ability to load a dataset to ArcGIS Online and have the ability to turn fields on/off.  Useful where I want to create a service for Desktop viewing, querying, and filtering of the data, all of the data.  Once I have what I want, I could turn fields off for a specific map for field collection where I only show fields that will be edited in the field.  I would end up with one layer with different ways to utilize the one layer, whether I am using Dashboard, JS Viewer, or a mobile client.  The data is updated on one dataset.
If I'm understanding you correctly, this functionality already exists for feature services.  In the table of contents, click the arrow next to the layer and click Configure Pop-up.  In the middle of the left window you should see a list of the fields that appear in the pop-up and below that "Configure Attributes".  Click that and you can check off all the fields you don't want to show up in the pop-up.

When someone goes to edit the data, they'll still see the fields you disabled, but they'll be grayed out and the user won't be able to add data to them.
You are understanding me exactly or partially exactly, more or less, it does not seem to work in Chrome, as to why I posted this, but the behavior is as expected in IE and will satisfy my needs.  Thanks for getting me to try and use another browser :).  In IE, when I turn off the fields for display/edit only the fields chosen to display and edit actually display on the pop up, which is what I want.  I don't want to show only certain fields and have them grayed out, I would think when I publish the service from ArcMap, it should observe what I have defined as editable.  Also, wanted a way to turn the fields off in the table, and I see that under table options.  So, cool, thanks man for responsing so quickly.