Ability to re-create the same AGOL user name without adding numbers

02-11-2020 01:43 PM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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Idea: ability to re-create the same exact ArcGIS Online username. Without adding a number.

This is an issue for emergency management.  We use a file to batch create hundreds of usernames.  If we create a username, let's say JamesBond, then we delete it. If we go to re-create it next time it can't be created, it has to be JamesBond1.  And different numbers because sometimes it's a new user and sometimes it existed once, or twice or more; so the numbers are all different.  So... we would like this to work:  If we created a username, but then delete it after the storm, we want to be able to create it again, the exact same username.    That way we can simply tell people that it is a naming convention, such as their lastnamefirstinital or similar. It will be consistent.  Helping users log in has been a hurdle in previous real-world damage assessment scenarios and this is actually one of the main issues, the ArcGIS Online username problem.


That’s very strange behavior. I might understand if there was already a JamesBond user, then you couldn’t create another one because Esri wouldn’t know which of the two with the same username is logging in. It sounds like you’re saying even after you delete JamesBond, you can’t have a user named JamesBond? I’d wonder if perhaps there is some index you might need to rebuild or something after deleting JamesBond. Try reaching out to Kelly Gerrow about this. Something seems...not right.

by Anonymous User

Correct. It is not a bug it's a feature as they say. I'll link up with them at Dev Conf on it.


It's not really a feature or a bug. 

Most likely the cause is that you have esri access enabled on the username when you deleted the account. If this is the case, the account is converted to a public account and the Username is still used, so cannot be re-used. If you still know the username and password, we can go through a process to fully remove the account to free up the username.

Come by the Online showcase, and I can walk you through some examples. Looking forward to seeing you as always.


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Hi Kelly, sounds good! I'll see you there. That sounds like the root of it.

I'm looking for a way to retire/resurrect the hundreds of names we spin up. I hope we can establish a turnkey workflow. I guess we could ensure Esri access is off? That is something I always left on "just in case", although for this application is perhaps necessary, and I don't think I've ever leveraged that. I presume that is mainly for when a user locks themselves out? 


As admin, I had to delete a new Named User account (wrong email/password etc). 

And as discussed, I couldn't recreate the same Named User (even though it was brand new). 


1. Do Named User accounts (i.e. jamesbond) free-up after a certain period of time? 

2.  Can Esri Support free up a Named User account manually? 



This is so much needed in any organization where many users are not permanent universities for instance.


This would be handy for people that leave the organization and then come back. Currently we have to break our username naming standard to recreate the user as we can't use the original one again.


We have exactly the same problem, that is not being able to reinstate a user once they have been deleted.  After several hours on the phone with Esri, our account representative was able to confirm this is not possible.  I have been in the business for over three decades and I have never seen this limitation in another application.  I was told by Esri support that wanting to reinstate a user is not an uncommon request.  Given the sophistication of Esri software, you would think this limitation would have been addressed long ago.


All, including @PhilBeaudet, we are able to do this.

The key is when you delete the member you have disable Esri Access for them before deleting. Otherwise, when you "delete" you're just removing them from the organization but not globally across all of ArcGIS Online. If they still have Esri Access enabled on deletion then their account persists (idk I guess so that they can access their training record and posts on GeoNet?). If you disable before deleting you can recreate the same name no problem. 




This is very good to know, but how do we Disable Esri Access for accounts no longer in our Organization that we have deleted?