Ability to generalize a hosted feature service

08-19-2014 01:47 AM
Status: Open
Esri Contributor

ArcGIS Online currently generalizes a hosted feature service if editing capability is disabled on the service. This is not always useful, and the only way to show the "true" service is to either:

a) enable editing on the service (which is not sensible as administrators do not always want everyone to be able to edit the service)
b) open the Feature Service using the "add layer to new map with editing enabled" (which is only applicable for users with admin permissions)

Please may an option be made available when publishing a hosted service to ArcGIS online to select whether the feature service should be generalized or not. This is already available when adding a shapefile to ArcGIS Online, and would allow admins to control the use of this functionality without compromising the integrity of their data.

This is now also logged as teh followig enhancement request:
NIM104481: When publishing a feature service to ArcGIS Online, provide a parameter that will allow features to remain ungeneralized when added to the map viewer if editing is not enabled
This is a crazy oversight by ESRI to generalise by default and not allow AGOL administrators to control this. The default should be to NOT generalise by default.
An organisational account that mainly publishes services to Viewer Role users does not want to have to enable editing in order for layers to be not generalised.

Check out the new optimized drawing feature: Manage hosted web layers—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS

If this doesn't help to resolve the issue, can you share some of the specific workflows that are affected by the generalization differences between editable layers and viewable layers in the map viewer?