Ability to customize popup properties

03-17-2021 01:28 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

A colleague says that he'd like to be able to customize the standard popup window. At the very least he'd like to have the ability to change position, font and color of elements.

edited to add, I asked for further detail and was told that he generally likes the default "list of field attributes" option.  That puts the attributes in a table without borders.  But he'd like "to be able to change font, size, and color of the text. It would also be nice to have an ability to adjust general popup width and width of both right and left sides of the table."

The "custom attribute display" option does provide a lot of flexibility, but reproducing the two-column listing of the default option with the kinds of tweaks he's looking for requires encoding the data as an HTML table and styling it with CSS, which is a bit tedious.


Open your web map and for the pop up you want to configure.

Select Configure Popups

By default the method is A list of field attributes.  Change it to  Custom Attribute Display.

Then select Configure to set up custom popups.  you can change colors, fonts, add hyperlinks etc...


Would be great to have this built in rather than configured on the backend with CSS. I find when I have to start using CSS/HTML there can be more issues with Web Apps/Dashboards down the line.