Ability to center and resize images inside of a AGOL pop-up window

08-02-2018 12:11 PM
Status: Open
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I've been using the pop-up window to display images inside of the pop-up windows of AGOL. I would paste the link inside of a field to hold the URL generated by attached image. What I'm requesting is 3 fold:

1. Permit the posting of an image inside of a pop-up window with a token that will never expire

2. Allow for the centering or other positional locating of the image inside of the pop-up window

3. Allow for the resizing of the image inside of the pop-up window.

Currently this is done by CSS located on the Amazon Cloud server, with no (that I'm aware of) way to control these parameters.

#agol popups

#configurable app pop up

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The Token issue has been addressed by Jake Skinner for non-public apps.

Still really would like control on placement and size of the imagery inside a pop-up window.