Ability to archive ArcGIS Online Users for better license management

04-20-2022 06:09 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor II

For organizations with a limited number of accounts or certain user types it would be helpful to have a mechanism to archive user accounts. Here are the use-cases:

1) Users that no longer need access but still exist in the organization and may need a license at a later time. It would also expedite the process of switching licenses between users who only need it for a period of time or when a license becomes available due to staff departure.

2) Allowing non-existing users to sign-up automatically but inherit no privileges. 


Currently, the Disable Member option prevents the user from logging-in but still counts towards the organizations allocation of licenses. 


Disabling a member account prevents the member from consuming organizational resources. This can be useful while you transfer their items to a different member. Members whose accounts have been disabled cannot sign in to the organization, consume organizational resources, create content, or administer the site. They are still members and count toward the number of users in your organization. Disabled accounts are automatically disabled for Esri access. (emphasis mine)


My preference is for a User Type with the same exact restrictions as a Disabled Member but with the option to allow "sign-up" or "create account". This way I can change our SSO parameter to 'sign-up automatically' and then assign the default user type of "Archive". It could also allow non-SSO users to create a built-in account automatically as well, streamlining the process to add any user into the system -- rather than having to invite users in order to prevent undesired users taking licenses if automatic sign-up is enabled.