Ability to allow other users to create views from a layer you own without transferring ownership

09-10-2021 08:20 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

Within our organisation we have several layers I administer, where many different views need to be created for different teams and users. It would be extremely beneficial if it was possible to enable permissions for other organisational users to create their own views without the need to transfer ownership of the hosted feature layer. At the moment, each user has to come to me, request the view they need and I need to then find time to set it up on their behalf. 


The owner of the view has control over permissions like editing, etc., and probably shouldn't be exposed to other users.

If I open the Visualization tab of a layer, I can adjust the symbology / filter / etc., however I like, then click "Save as New Layer", I can save my own reference to it.


This does not permit the kinds of view settings like exposing different sets of fields or using areas of interest, but it is a way that other users can own a reference to a source layer that is then styled and configured however they need it.


Thank you I will check that workflow out. I didn't realise that would maintain the reference to the original layer which is useful.

I appreciate the risks of giving others editing access, but it would be useful to be able to make multiple trusted users responsible for a layer rather than a single one.