Ability to add Related Records via Item Details Data tab

06-16-2016 06:32 AM
Status: Open
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The new (June 2016) Data view within the Item Details of Feature Layers is brilliant. An enhancement that could be useful would be to enable adding/removing related table records from the same view.

by Anonymous User

I support this idea wholeheartedly - was surprised it was not included in the June 2016 update.


I agree with Jason Matney sentiments, but rather than having this ability in the Item Details Pane and completely disconnected from a webmap, i'd like to see this included in the default webmap viewer and made available with other templates/web app builder widgets.


Just a quick note to say that as of the September 2016 release, related records can be added via the Web AppBuilder Edit widget. Not exactly what this idea proposed but definitely a significant milestone.


I wrote a blog post discussing the current available options for this type of functionality on GeoNet - you can check it out here.


My related records are a simple non-spatial table. Although I can see that table in the "Configure Edit" dialogue when I set up the Edit widget, it will not display in the widget. The widget simply says "Feature creation is disabled for all layers." Editing is enabled for my feature layer. 

Is there any way at all for me to add a record (row) to that table in ArcGIS Online? 


Hi Caroline,

In your case it looks like adding new features is not enabled on the feature layer (see documentation here). In terms of how the Edit widget in Web AppBuilder works, you click on a parent record (which is typically a point/line/polygon), the widget recognises that it has associated related records, you click on them and from there you can add new records to the table as necessary. Note the table has to be in the Web Map on which the App is built. The Web Map is also where you customise how the popup appears.

It is not possible to add related records outside of this (i.e. directly to the table), as this would result in orphaned records which don't link to any parent records.



You're right- thank you. The Edit Widget does allow me to add records to my table by way of editing through the popups for my related points layer. 

In this case, I happen to be working with a 'Simple' relationship (as opposed to 'Composite' Relationship class properties—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop), allowing records in the (destination) table to exist without a related (origin) point and (origin) points to exist without a related (destination) record. So I am trying to create what you call an 'orphaned' record. I guess I would have to go back to ArcGIS Pro to add a table record in that case. 


Ah I get you. I'm not aware of any way to add new records to a table which is part of a 'Simple' relationship through ArcGIS Online. But as you suggested, this can be achieved through ArcGIS Pro by connecting directly to the Feature Layer from ArcGIS Online.


I have a feature service of assets with a related table of inspections.  I wanted to add/remove records from the related inspections table. Here's what I found:

You can't do it in the AGOL Map Viewer (only edit the values, not add/remove records). 

You can't do it from the item page Data tab (again, only edit the values).

You can connect directly to the feature service in ArcGIS Pro, open the related table, and add/remove records there.

You can connect to the feature service in ArcMap, create a local copy, edit, then sync back to the feature service.

You can add/remove related records via a web map in the Collector mobile app.

You can add/remove related records via the Edit widget in a Web AppBuilder application.

by Anonymous User

You can also add/remove related records via the Crowdsource Manager app