Ability to add custom Color Ramps to ArcGIS Online

05-21-2020 11:01 AM
Status: Open
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Dear ESRI,

We would like to have the option to add a custom Color Ramp under the Image Display menu.

In-house we are currently using the following color ramp to display bathymetry datasets.

The raw bathymetry data will look like this in AGOL

By using a raster function we can create a bathymetry layer that uses this color ramp. The drawback of this is that in the legend it will show as RGB rather than a color ramp with the man & max values next to it. 

But what we really would like is the functionality to add in-house color ramps to the pulldown list as well as the option to invert them, such that the customer can create his own look and feel of his web maps.


Currently looking for the same feature. I want to use a custom elevation color ramp but I am limited to the default color ramps set by esri. A custom color ramp import function from ArcPro or a AGOL custom color ramp creation app will be very helpful. It will open up the capability for ArcGIS online users to generate creative and unique visualizations to share. I see it as being similar to presets/filters in Adobe CC.


Custom colour scheme for raster tiles in map viewer (previously posted question in communities)


by Anonymous User

I really would like a Green - yellow- red color ramp in AGOL Map Viewer. Please give us the ability to create custom color ramps. Thanks.