A thin, minimal, viewing only, shell app that maintains a consistent URL for the end user

02-16-2022 09:51 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II


It would be nice to have a minimal, viewing, shell app with one URL that doesn't change, that points to the "current" production version of an application. New versions of the app can be created, without disrupting the current production version, and swapped into the view only shell app when ready, and the end user always uses the same URL. 

As a work around, I do this with the Web Experience app. The app is used only as a shell, with just one embedded content frame covering the entire app. The link to embedded content can be changed to show different content as needed, but the URL the client/user uses remains the same.

It would be nice if ArcGIS Online had a thin, minimal, basically a viewing shell app, without the overhead of a Web Experience app, that provided this functionality. It's only input would be a URL that points to the content to embed. It's only function is to show that content.