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Part 2 - Mapping California's Largest Reservoirs.docx

04-12-2017 10:17 PM

Part 2 - Mapping California's Largest Reservoirs.docx

My 6th-grade students have learned quite a bit:

  1. how to create an excel spreadsheet correctly for ArcGIS Online
  2. how to convert to an csv file
  3. how to import the file to their map
  4. how to convert degree, minute, second coordinates to decimal degrees
  5. how to create map notes with information and an image
  6. how to save to a folder in a group

In this lesson, students will learn to add layers to their map that are useful to people looking at their map of reservoirs.

Please, comment.  I made an error in my first lesson.  I didn't tell students to make their longitude negative.  I reached out for help and received it.  

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