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Esri Geoinquiry – Earthquakes.docx

01-28-2016 06:28 PM

Esri Geoinquiry – Earthquakes.docx

This guide sheet is for my 6th-grade Earth System and Space science students.

My students have explored 2 other Geoinquiry lessons, so they are familiar with the environment.  We have just completed a chapter on plate tectonics.  I had the students add the Global Seismograph Network layer onto this map; it is actually used in another Geoinquiry lesson entitled, "The earth moves under our feet."

I created this guide by modifying parts of "The earth moves under our feet", which is Geoinquiry 7.  I added my own questions and instructions on changing the symbology.  I did borrow the format of "Engage" and "Explore".

Thank you esri ConnectEd!

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