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06-30-2020 01:48 AM
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I have a point layer of farms with several features, including a TRUE/FALSE field which tells me if the farm has submitted data that we require. We would like to be able to overlay this with a polygon layer of provinces to see per province how many farms have submitted the data, and then list their names in the polygon pop-up.

Please note that I am very new to arcade.

I have succeeded in the first expression of counting the farms, and am well on my way with the second expression, but I keep running into the following problem: According to multiple blogs/questions, Using FeatureSetBy functions in Arcade to drill-down to other layers and tables, my script looks as it should as far as I can see:

var farms = FeatureSetByName($map,"CoordinatesMasterZonal");
var gis = Intersects(Filter(farms,"GIS_Submitted LIKE 'TRUE'"),$feature);
var gistrue = "";
if (gis > 0) {
    for (var f in gis) {
        gistrue = f.Site_Name + ".  "+ TextFormatting.NewLine + "View their BEIA report here";
} else {
    gistrue = "No farms in this province have submitted GIS data yet"
return gistrue

However, this gives me an output like non of the farms have submitted the data for all provinces, even when I know that there are farms intersecting that have submitted the data.

The following does give me a better output:

var farms = FeatureSetByName($map,"CoordinatesMasterZonal");
var gis = Intersects(Filter(farms,"GIS_Submitted LIKE 'TRUE'"),$feature);
    for (var f in gis) {
        gis = f.Site_Name + ".  "+ TextFormatting.NewLine + "View their BEIA report here";
return gis

But it doesn't loop through the "gis" list and only gives me one value for each province.

What am I missing here to achieve a full list per province?


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I have this code which sort values base on buffer 1000 feet and return First values. I want to return all values inside the buffer not just one. is it any way I can do this? 



// If the feature doesn't have a geometry, return null
if (IsEmpty(Geometry($feature))) { return null }
// Get the bus stops layer
// To customize, replace the layer name below
var busStops = FeatureSetByName($map,"RTD Active Bus Stops")
// Buffer the current location and intersect with the bus stops
var bufferedLocation = Buffer($feature, 1000, 'feet')
var candidateStops = Intersects(busStops, bufferedLocation)
// Calculate the distance between the bus stops and the current location
// Store the feature and distance as a dictionary and push it into an array
var featuresWithDistances = []
for (var f in candidateStops) {
            'distance': Distance($feature, f, 'feet'),
            'feature': f
// Sort the candidate bus stops by distance using a custom function
function sortByDistance(a, b) {
    return a['distance'] - b['distance']
var sorted = Sort(featuresWithDistances, sortByDistance)
// Get the closest bus stop
var closestFeatureWithDistance = First(sorted)
// If there was no bus stop, return null
if (IsEmpty(closestFeatureWithDistance)) { return null }
// Return the bus stop name attribute value
// To customize, replace the field name "STOPNAME" below
return `${closestFeatureWithDistance['feature']['STOPNAME']}`



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