Arcade expression for area ranges (max and min) with Null values in labels

11-19-2020 01:35 PM
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Hi All, 

I am working in a arcade expression for label the size range for each parcel with multiple buildings with different size. I have 4 fields: "Area1",  "Area2",  "Area3", and "Area4". There are null values in the within the fields. I wrote those expressions, but they do not work. could you please review it and let me know how will be the right expression.  

If(!IsEmpty($feature.AREA1)) {return($feature.AREA1)}

else if (!IsEmpty($feature.AREA2)) {return($feature.AREA2)}

else if (!IsEmpty($feature.AREA3)) {return($feature.AREA3)}

else if (!IsEmpty($feature.AREA4)) {return($feature.AREA4)}

The other expression is:


With the second expression, as an example I get expression like 0-1050. but I do not want to get the "0", just because there is a null value in the "Area1"

Any advice? thank you! 

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