This Week's Picks - ArcGIS Online #3

11-12-2019 08:57 AM
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Welcome to the third round of Product Advocacy’s completely unofficial, recurring GeoNet post!

In case you missed my first and second posts over the past month, "This Week's Picks" is a (loosely) biweekly blog where I share some of my favorite ArcGIS Online content with you.


One of my favorite parts of my role is all the time I get to spend on GeoNet – you might have seen me answer a question or troubleshoot an issue in the ArcGIS Online space recently. Within this space I have noticed an uptick in the number of posts related to ArcGIS Arcade, the lightweight expression language that among other functionality unlocks pop-up, symbology and label customization across the platform.

So for the 11/12 edition of “This Week’s Pick’s – ArcGIS Online” I want to highlight some of my favorite Arcade resources that can assist with getting started on writing expressions or take existing code to the next level.

Understand Arcade:

I remember we had a unit on Arcade in my Master’s in GIS Program, and to be honest I was somewhat lost about what it was or where to start. In this video, Esri Canada’s Mark Ho provides a lucid overview of Arcade and how it can be used in ArcGIS Online – I certainly could have used this two years ago.

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Smart Map with Arcade:

Take a deeper dive into the concepts that Mark presents though this Story Map on Smart Mapping with Arcade. Illustrated, step-by-step examples show how to create custom symbology, labels and pop-ups with Arcade. For further inspiration, there are also links at the bottom of the Story Map to live examples of Web Maps and Apps that have implemented Arcade.

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Take a Deeper Dive with FeatureSets:

FeatureSets are one of the most popular Arcade functions because they unlock data across a Web Map (and after Arcade 1.8, across ArcGIS Online) for use in pop-ups and field calculation. Lisa Berry’s excellent two-part blog series takes a close look at how to ‘pump up your pop-ups’ using FeatureSets and Living Atlas layers.

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I hope that the above picks provide some insight into the various ways in which Arcade can make pop-ups, symbology and labels come alive. Let me know in the comments below if there are any outstanding questions. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for This Week's Picks - ArcGIS Enterprise & This Week's Picks - ArcGIS Pro!

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