"An ArcGIS Notebook Server is not currently configured."

01-17-2021 04:35 AM
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HI , I am not a developer...I was told to learn GIS, thanks if you could help me a bit. I tried to learn the routing course at this link https://data-scientist-learngis.hub.arcgis.com.

my ArcGIS account has nothing yet, it says "An ArcGIS Notebook Server is not currently configured.", so I briefly checked documentation, it seems I need install Docker....(I haven't used it yet) so I signed up the Play Docker, i haven't been able to figure out what I need to do next, on Docker I could see some reference says esri or arcgis api for python but I did not see arcgis api for JS, and most importantly I do not know what exactly I need to do now about where to find and how to configure the said ArcGIS Notebook Server.

Thank you

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Hi automatisch,

Which course specifically are you working your way through? Are you using an ArcGIS Online account? I suspect you're getting an error message that isn't necessarily correct. If you're using an ArcGIS Online account you do not need to configure your own Notebook Server. Please let me know what type of account and subscription you are trying to use.

 - Josh

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