Rebrand and expand Notebook Server as "ArcGIS Automation Server"

05-23-2022 02:18 PM
Status: Open
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Idea: Rebrand and expand Notebook Server as ArcGIS Automation Server (or something similar/appropriate).

Reason: I've never had any luck explaining notebooks to senior management or core IT people. They don't seem to get it — and don't understand why we need it.

Meanwhile, automation is a main theme in IT strategic plans. So buying a product that has automation right in the name would be a much easier sell...and directly align with corporate initiatives. 

The product could also be expanded to include more no-code options. For example, without writing code, let users set up scheduled emailed reports to notify them if x records exist in a FC.

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I kind of dig this idea, though maybe a slightly different name from the one suggested as Notebooks are just not for automations, though a lot of use them for that. Notebooks doesn't quite capture what is going on there, does denote the actual application being run (Jupyter Notebooks).