Getting Started with the ArcGIS Notebooks Beta

08-30-2019 03:00 PM
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Once you have been admitted to the beta program ArcGIS Notebooks is enabled on the organization that you applied to the beta with. 

One of the fastest ways to get started creating a new notebook is to use the Notebook ribbon option in the top navigation of ArcGIS Online. 

Image of the ArcGIS Notebooks ribbon option in ArcGIS Online top navigation.

Only members who have been granted notebook privileges can see the Notebook option in the top navigation ribbon, and by default only members with an Administrator role will see this option. To enable it for others an Administrator will need to create a custom member role that includes the notebook privileges. In the beta there are two notebook privileges that can be assigned. The first is Create and Edit Notebooks (which is found under the Content section of the role privileges) everyone who needs to create a notebook should have this privilege. The second privilege is called Advanced Notebooks (found under the Premium Content section of the role privileges). Advanced Notebooks is an optional privilege that is only needed if the notebook author is allowed to create notebooks using one of the Advanced Notebook runtimes (basically if you want a notebook author to be able to use ArcPy or create notebooks that use GPU then they will need this privilege).  For an overview of the different runtime options review the "Choosing a Notebook Runtime" discussion thread. 

Image of the role privilege options for ArcGIS Notebooks.

Who can author notebooks?

Anyone who has been granted notebook privileges will be able to create notebooks within ArcGIS Online. If they have not been granted the Advanced Notebook privilege then they will have the ability to create notebooks using one of the Advanced runtimes, otherwise they will only have the ability to create notebooks using the Standard runtime. The minimum user type for ArcGIS Notebooks is a Creator. Both Creator and GIS Professional user types can be assigned notebook privileges. 

A common question is what happens if a notebook author with Advanced Notebook privileges wants to share a notebook with a notebook author that only has the Create and Edit Notebooks privilege? The answer is that the user with Advanced Notebook privileges should create the notebook using a the Standard runtime. The runtime that a notebook uses can be changed at any time by going to the notebook's Item Details page and adjusting the Notebook Settings. To do this have the notebook owner (or an admin) open the Item Details page for the Notebook, navigate to the Settings tab (in the blue ribbon at the top) and scroll to to the bottom of the page, change the notebook runtime by selecting the desired runtime from the drop down. 

Who can view notebooks?

Anyone can view a notebook that has been shared with them. All notebooks include a read-only preview mode, this allows others in the organization to view the notebook and see the results of the last notebook run without being able to edit the code or run the notebook themselves. Python notebooks are now a supported item type in ArcGIS Online allowing .ipynb files to be securely shared and viewed across an organization. 

Notebook Samples

ArcGIS Notebooks includes a gallery of sample notebooks to help you get started or learn something new. The easiest way to find and browse the sample gallery is to open a new notebook and click the Samples link in the top right corner. 

There are 3 categories of samples:

  • Data Science and Analysis
  • Content Management
  • Administration

As you go through the beta you are encouraged to try out various samples and provide feedback. Let us know if they perform differently than you expected, or if they don't run. If a sample works great or you find it very useful please share that feedback with us as well. Each update we want to include new samples so if you have ideas of samples that would benefit your organization or daily work please let us know. 

If you are familiar with ArcGIS Notebooks within ArcGIS Enterprise be aware that the samples provided are slightly different in ArcGIS Online (ArcGIS Enterprise provides additional samples for GeoAnalytics and Raster Analytics workflows).

More notebook help?

Please read the notebook help doc PDF for additional information on how to use and navigate ArcGIS Notebooks, you reviewing the doc helps us ensure that it captures everything a new user would need to be successful in getting started and we greatly appreciate you taking the time to tell us what you like, dislike, or think needs to be added or changed.