Zonal Travel Cost new to network analyst

03-06-2014 12:43 PM
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So I've never used this extension before and trying to figure out where to start looking at tutorials only gets me more confused.  So I have an existing personal geodata base that contains a boundary shape file for a park, a point feature of visitor data organized by zip code (where people traveled to the park from) and a buffer layer extending from 50-2500 miles.  I also have a street maps network data set for the U.S.  I'm trying to find out the distance and time it takes for each visitor (by zip code) to get from there to the park.  Questions I have are-

Can I upload the network dataset to my existing geodatabase and work from there or do I need a new one?

Which tool would be best to use I thought about the OCD solver I have the most common roads that people took to get into the park so I don't know if I should use the shortest distance or the route feature.

Is there someway to overlay the buffers look at the distances and times for just the points within each specific buffer.

Thanks, I'm really confused right now
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