What do these Errors mean? when creating turn restrictions....

03-14-2013 10:03 AM
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Been running into problems creating turn restrictions. Some turn restrictions are that are built into the network dataset are not being obeyed by the routes run during a Solve. Where turn restrictions need to be added edit session throws a multitude of errors. Is there an Network Analyst error data dictionary somehwere in resources? Are these errors a result of the Silverlight platform laying on top of our Network Analyst? Attached is documentation of what I have captured so far. Has anyone else had these problems when building a routing network?

Thanks, Joy
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Esri Regular Contributor
The errors may indicate some problem with the basic feature geomery that is causing the turn editing to fail. Perhaps you can run the GP tools: Check Geometry and Repair Geometry to see if that will identify/fix such problems. Make sure to keep a copy of your data as you do these things.
Also, are you able to run build network successfully? If yes, take a look at the log files (they go to %TEMP% folder), namely Build.txt and BuildErrors.txt to see if any problems are being reported there.

Jay Sandhu
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