VRP Solver- Underutilized Vehicles and Max Capacity

11-25-2013 08:52 AM
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Hello Community,
After reviewing the results from my vehicle routing problem I've noticed that 4 vehicles (out of 35 total vehicles) are underutilized...meaning they only carry 10 items which is far below the maxcapacity of 110 items. In addition, I still have over 400 unassigned orders in the solution.

My model includes a weeks worth of orders with 4 vehicles assigned to each day (each vehicle has the same maxcapacity). The analysis layer is set to TimeViolation = Medium.

To explore the problem of undertutilized vehicles I examined the order locations visited by these underutilized vehicles and I copied those orders. I assigned these copied orders to the next business day. I wanted to see if this new volume would trick the model to wait one more extra day. Unfortunately, nothing changed in the solution. The solution doesn't wait an extra day for more items.

Since the cost of travel is high, I really do need to reach near maxcapacity on these vehicles.

Can anyone tell me why the solution doesn't wait an extra day? Or does anyone know a better way to force the model to pick up more orders?

Thank you,
Sandra Trevino
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