VRP - Sequencing orders along a route

05-05-2019 04:05 PM
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Is there a way to enforce the relative sequencing of orders without tying them to a specific route and without using time windows?

In detail:

  • I have a mini bus service (several vehicles) that works by reservation. The system receives all orders for the next day and after 5 pm tries to allocate the orders based on the number of the passengers in each one and on their special needs (wheelchairs, for example);
  • After solving the problem, the requesters are contacted and the time for their pick-up and drop-off is communicated;
  • The system needs to service the orders always going from stop 1, to stop 2, and then stop n by the sequence they are preordered in the line;
  • If there are no orders for a certain stop, the drivers can skip that stop and use a different route to arrive at the next stop;
  • If there are less orders, the mini buses will take less time, so I cannot use time windows.

I thought the AssignmentRule could solve this, but unfortunately if I want to tie the orders to a relative sequence I also need to indicate the route in advance. And then I lose all the specialties and capacities potential.

Thank you in advance

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