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VRP Pre-Assigned Orders - Infeasible Routes

03-06-2020 11:13 AM
New Contributor II

Using ArcMap 10.5.1, using pre-assigned Orders in VRP I got the following 2 types of errors (after successfully solving several other pre-assigned Orders):

Warning: Routes (Name = "XXXX") has a pre-assigned Orders (Name = "XXXX") whose SpecialtyNames value is incompatible.

Warning: Routes (Name = "XXXX") has a pre-assignment that exceeds its MaxTotalTime value

Error: Constraint violations detected while loading pre-assigned orders, breaks and route renewals.

And then the solve failed without moving on to the rest of the (non-pre-assigned) Orders that I am certain are valid.

I know I can iteratively tweak these and run it again. But I would like to run the entire solution first and get a result of everything valid before I do that. Is there a way to tell VRP to ignore these errors and finish the solution, only telling me what failed afterwards?

Perhaps something similar to the Analysis Setting: "Ignore Invalid Order Locations", but for invalid Pre-Assigned Orders?

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New Contributor III

Hello Paul,

For the first error, please check specialties, there might be something wrong in how you have specified the problem. For the second error, we currently fail when there are pre-assigned orders to routes and a hard constraint like MaxTotalTime is violated. Right now, we don't have an option like "Ignore invalid Pre-Assigned Orders" as you suggested, we will add this to our list of requests and we will discuss on this.

As a workaround, please solve for the other routes and post-process for the specific requirement. If I could get a look at the inputs, I would be able to suggest/verify more.


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